The Scoop on Kelowna’s Ice Cream Scene

By October 8, 2018 No Comments

Judging by the line-up at Moolix Ice Cream shop on Bernard last week (totally and fully worth it, by the way), there are many other people who feel as devoutly about ice cream as I do. In light of this, I wanted to let you in on some recent ice cream/gelato discoveries I have made in Kelowna – places you can go to get some of the most original and tasty flavours this side of the Coastal Mountains.

Chef April at Cabana Grille has gelato on her dessert menu. It is an outstanding, refreshing, zesty, and clean mint gelato that she makes from farm-fresh mint, pureed and added to gelato from Carmelis Goat Cheese Artisan. My recommendation: don’t miss this gelato. The ingredients are quality, locally-sourced, and super flavourful and it will be a gelato that will probably haunt you  for a long time after you have tasted it.


Speaking of Carmelis, I was there recently with some travel media and I met my gelato match. They had a beautiful Salted Caramel Gelato that I really can’t do justice to with words. It was just perfect in every sense and yes, it haunts me still. They have 24 flavours of gelato up at Carmelis, and the flavours are always being changed up. The one certain thing is that they’re G-R-E-A-T and unique taste combinations (think white chocolate & raspberry and the like).

For something that will totally turn your gelato world-view on its head (being facetious, of course), go to the Okanagan Lavender Farm and taste their lavender infused gelatos. They have vanilla-lavender, chocolate-lavender, lemon-lavender, and blueberry-lavender – and all in incredible. My favourite is probably the chocolate-lavender. They are made by Marble Slab Creamery specifically for the lavender farm, so for a taste of this intriguing ice cream, you can also treat yourself to the experience in their lavender fields.


In a previous post about ice cream, I included some of Kelowna’s ice cream mainstays, and all that I said about them still holds true – so for even more ice cream info, check out this post.

There you go – lots of variety for amazing ice cream in Kelowna! Now that I’ve made us all hungry, I think I’ll go find myself a waffle cone…