smartTRIPS guest blog: How can you get around town?

By October 9, 2018 No Comments

This guest blog post is by smartTRIPS staff, who want to share some ideas for how travelers to Kelowna can make the most of our vast array of cycle paths. Thanks smartTRIPS!


Welcome to the Central Okanagan! Where beaches, parks and ice cream shops are in no short supply. Kelowna has great summer weather, that’s best experienced by being out in it. Remember to slop on the sunscreen and drink plenty of water if you’re going to be out in the sun!

It’s never fun to sit in stop-and-go traffic, especially while on holidays. smartTRIPS wants to help you explore our community, so we’ve compiled a few smart tips for your active trips.  Walking and cycling are great ways to find special gems in the community that you’d otherwise miss in the car.  We love our community and we hope you will too.

Skip the car ride. Did you know that for trips under 10 km, it’s often faster (and more cost-effective!) to cycle? Shared pathways, green bike lanes and sharrows are found all around Kelowna. Sharrows and green bike lanes provide cyclists with space to travel on and serve as a visual reminder for motorists to watch for bikes. Cycling is an easy way to sneak in exercise and have fun while doing it. Google Maps, is a great tool for trip planning by bike and transit.

Rent a bike. Don’t worry if you didn’t bring your bike with you. There are several organizations that offer bicycle rentals from one hour to three weeks – ideal for exploring the trails, downtown and the water front area. Another popular activity around the Okanagan is biking from winery to winery.

Cycle Clothing. The spandex or sweats can be a turn-off for cycling – but who says that’s the mandatory attire? Mandy Farmer, CEO of Accent Inns, cycles in her heels and work clothes! Cycling clothing is all about what’s comfortable for you. But don’t forget about safety, and strap on your helmet – it’s a Provincial law.

Combine transit and cycling. Think it’s too far to cycle? All Kelowna Regional Transit buses are equipped with bicycle racks that carry two bikes. Combine transit and cycling to make long trips more convenient. Taking transit relieves the stress of having to find parking and ends that great debate of “who’s driving tonight?” It even travels to the airport! Visit or use the transit planner on Google Maps to plan you transit trip.

Enjoy the ride. For the more adventurous cyclists, the Central Okanagan has mountain biking trails in nearly every corner. The scenic views in some areas are enough to entice all levels of riders if you’re up for the challenge.

Plan ahead. Kelowna’s downtown has an abundance of entertainment and dining. Take a stroll after your day at the beach and stop by some of the local restaurants and shops. Walking along Bernard Ave. has never been more appealing with the nearly completed revitalization project. Unique public artwork and greenery line the street making for a picturesque walk. The Kelowna Museum and Theatre also call the downtown home – making it easy to spend the day walking from place to place.

smartTRIPS is the Central Okanagan’s active transportation program. We encourage residents to be healthy and active by reducing their drive-alone trips. Visit our website, for more information, tips and benefits.