House of Rose Delights

By October 8, 2018 No Comments

This week I was showing a golf writer around Kelowna, and while he wasn’t much of a wine connoisseur (other than to enjoy wine), he was curious about the wineries in the area. After a round at Tower Ranch, I took him to a great family-owned boutique winery called House of Rose. And that’s what Mark and I talk about this week on our Juicy Tips radio segment at 103.9 The Juice.

House of Rose is owned by Aura Rose (hence the name of the winery) and Wouter, her husband. Aura is the wine maker, and Wouter was pouring for us at the counter. He poured some wonderful whites including the easy-drinking Summer White and the semi-sweet dessert wine, Winter Wine (which has a little Icewine in it). Then Wouter showed us their new release which comes in a fun bottle and bears an even funner (new word) name: Hot Flash. While clearly this wine is geared to a certain demographic of the population at a certain stage of life – it’s actually a really delicious, “big” red which would pair beautifully with a steak or flavourful barbeque. At $17.90 a bottle, this is also a great price-point.

My guest later told me that he really enjoyed the experience because it was so inviting, personal, and un-intimidating. Having Wouter explain how the wine goes from vineyard to bottle and finding out the history of the winery really gave him a great introduction to wine touring. For me as the DD, it was also a gem of a stop that was pretty close to the golf course (as it would be for Black Mountain Golf Club, the Okanagan Golf Club, and others in the area) and close to a number of other interesting stops like wineries located in East Kelowna.

The other treat we discovered at House of Rose was their Vintage Okanagan Port. A silky texture, this dessert wine got the thumbs up from my counterpart. All in all, this is a super stop to add to your tour or your apres-golf. Ladies, you can just imagine the twinkle in Wouter’s eye after he got to say to my guest (a man): “There, now you’ve had your first Hot Flash!”

House of Rose is located off Belgo Rd in the East Kelowna/South Rutland area of Kelowna. Click here to see a map on their website.